A storage closet holds twelve boxes stacked upon each other, with each box being 10 inches high. How many feet are there between the top of the third box and the bottom of the tenth box?

Accepted Solution

Answer:5Step-by-step explanation:there are 6 boxes between the top of the 3rd box and the bottom of the 10th box. Since each box is 10 inches tall, the length of the 6 boxes sum up to 60 inches. and since 12 inches =1 feet, Then 60 inches = 5 feet How to solve Let "y" = the unknown number of feet's 12 inches = 1 feet 60 inches = yCross multiply> 12×y =60×1> 12y =60 Divide both sides by 12 since you want the value of "y". > 12y÷12=60÷12 So 12 cancels out leaving the final answer to be: > y=5