The graph of the function y = | x | + 3 is shown. What is its range? A) y > 3 B) y < 3 C) y β‰₯ 3 D) y ≀ 3

Accepted Solution

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To get an idea, graph the function using an application such as Desmos.
The range tells you what values of y the graph may be. Looking at the graph, we see that y can be a value of 3 or larger (look at the y-intercept, which is the vertical line, and find the lowest point in comparison to the vertical line if the graph has a minimum. If it has a maximum, do the opposite).
[tex] \geqslant [/tex]
Means greater than or equal to.
Therefore, the answer is C, which means y is greater than or equal to 3.

Hope this helps!